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Establishment of Deeni Madaris in Villages :

Living Environment of Muslim Stone cutters (Sungtharash in Muhmmad Nagar)
The Muslims living in Villages are not aware of Islam. They do not know about Fundamentals of Islam That is like Halal, Haram and Bidath etc. They can be identified only by their names. There is no arrangement of Islamic education and cultural activities in these villages. In this situation our society has established 157 Deeni Madaris in Gajwel, Siddipet, Dubbak, Narsapur and Shameerpet in Medak, Ranga Reddy  and Nalgonda old districts.
S.No. Particulars of
Deeni Madaris
No of
1 Gajwel-Zone 115 88 1484
2. Shahmeerpet-zone 42 36 604
Total 157 124 2088

One School expenditure is Rs. 42, 000/- in addition to that the village committee pays Rs. 56,400/- per year. As we plan to expand our services to some more villages, charitable Muslims are earnestly requested to sponsor one school each and merit infinite rewards from ALLAH – The Almighty.

•Expenditure/Sponsorship of a school (Village) Rs. 42,000/-(Per Annum)
•Expenditure/Sponsorship of a student for    Hifz/Alimiyath with Modern Education RS 15,000/-(Per Annum)
Jamiath ul Haque (Residential School) for Hifz–e–Quran and Alimiyath along with Modern Education upto S. S. C : in English Medium

SNo Faculties No. of
 No. of Students No. of Students (study completed)
1. Noorani  Quaidah and Nazirah 6 144
2. Hifz 2 31 2
3 Alimiyath  7  44 3
4 Modern Education upto  S.S.C  14  219 12
Total  29  219  17
A Separate Section of Girls for Alimiyath and Hifiz-e- Quran  has been started .fr_b2





MADRASATH UL HAQUE ( RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL),  Akbar Bagh, Hyderabad, for Hifz–e–Quran along with Modern Education upto S. S. C : 

The mother tongue of coastal area muslims is telugu. They do not know about Islam, the complete dwell is ignorance. They are doing ‘shirk’. In this connection the society collected telugu knowing students from various districts of Andhra Pradesh. Nearly 36 students have completed Hifz-e-Quran. Presently there are 83 students in Hostel.

AL Haque Telugu Publications, Akberbagh, Hyderabad

proj_teluguAl Haque Telugu Publications
, is fully busy in the propagation of Islam since 34 years in Non-muslim community. The publication already published 52 books covering various Islamic titles. Some of the important books translated are as follows: 1) The Renowned book of Hadith by Allama Fawwad Abdul Baqui, an Egyptian Islamic Scholar. ‘AI-Loolu Wal Marjaan’ was translated in Telugu and published in 3 editions. 2) Bulug-Almaraam Renowned Hadeeth book of Allama-lbn-e-Hajar. 3) ‘Al-Raheeq-Ul-Makhtoom’ the famous book on life of prophet (SAS) of Safiur rahman Mubarakpuri  in telugu language. This book has been awarded by Saudi Government for its Arabic Language and its authentic recording of the life of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

We have also completed a booklet “ziyarat-e-qubur” in Islam – relevance or myth.

The above mentioned Books are already printed and are ready for Sale.

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We appeal to all the concerned Muslims who are interested in publishing Islamic books in Telugu Language, to send us an email or contact our ‘communication & PR Incharge’

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Kindly send your orders by cheque (Our Account No.052111011001140, IFSC: ANDB0000521, Br. Code – 0521, Andhra Bank, Saeedabad Branch)

Telugu Publication Contact Number: +91-40-24550007, 9441055065

Refer our future plans for Sponsorships and Islamic literature in Telugu

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         Al Haque Vocational Courses for Women & Girls:

AL-Haq has established centres for short term vocational courses. Under Self Financing schemes. Many girl students muslims and Non-muslims are getting benefit through these courses which are as follows

S.No. Place of Centre
1 Zig-Zag Centre Gajwal
2. Zig-Zag Centre Keesara